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Recently I had someone ask about calculating the Net Promoter Score in Tableau. It's not difficult but first a word on what the NPS is and who uses it –


The Net Promoter Score is often used by consumer products companies to measure customer loyalty. It is easy to administer – just collect consumer responses to "How likely are you to recommend our product/service to a friend or colleague?  Responses are retrieved on a 0 to 10 scale.   Response ratings of 9 or 10 are "Promoters", those rated 6 or less are "Detractors"  and the 7 and 8 groups are "Passives" –  the NPS is the percent to total for Promoters minus that for Detractors based on the count or responses in each group and overall.


Pretty simple, repeatable, and has been shown to produce consistent results.  So how to use Tableau to calculate the results?

Typical survey data might look like this  


A code to identify the responder, date (here just a year but you may have data every month), and a response to the "Likely to Recommend) question – numeric value form 0-10
Start by classifying each response as "Promoter", "Detractor" or "Passive"
If [Likely to recommend]>=9 then "Promoter"
elseif [Likely to recommend]<=6 then "Detractor"
else "Passive" end

Then the Percent to Total can be done with a LOD


sum({ FIXED [Year],[Promoter Classification]:countd([ID Code]) })/
sum({ FIXED [Year]:countd([ID Code]) })


then the NPS is just the difference between the Promoter and Detractor percentage


{ FIXED [Year]:
(sum({ FIXED [Year],[Promoter Classification] : ( if Min([Promoter Classification]) = "Promoter" then [lod percent by class] end) })
-sum({ FIXED [Year],[Promoter Classification] : ( if Min([Promoter Classification]) = "Detractor" then [lod percent by class] end )}
and then the results look like this
and the Net Promoter Score is the difference between the percentage of Promoters less the Detractors 
It is no more difficult than that.  
To learn more about Net Promoter Scores see:NPS Source
The workbook containing the calculations used here can be found at: Link to NPS workbook

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