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"Beyond Getting Started … A Path to Understanding Tableau" follows the journey I took when I first started using Tableau.  I was lost – With an Engineering and Marketing background, I could not understand how Tableau worked. – Sound familiar?  I needed to understand how Tableau worked in my own language before I could even try making simple text charts or graphs – and don't even think about an IronViz-level dashboard.  

I did that and a few years ago I wrote a series called “Zero to Zen” about the 5 fundamentals I needed to learn.   Some of you, actually many of you, used the series.  A lot has changed since then indeed! So, it is time to revisit the topic with this new series Beyond Getting Started (BGS).  It is intended for new and experienced users who want to get to the next level – everyone is welcome.


First and foremost, Tableau is not a spreadsheet calculator.  That is obvious yet for newbies there is a tendency to try to translate code rather than understand how Tableau works. Have you ever tried to learn a second or third language?  In the beginning, you try to translate verbatim into the new language (everyone does it).  Only with practice do you learn to think in the new language – That’s when it becomes easier. 

Download Tableau workbook at  BGS Workbook