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Tableau Data Literacy and Analytic Program-High School Level

Understanding and working with data is an essential skill today – you knew that! So, what can we do to prepare our middle and high-school-age children for careers in data?   How would you start- Over the past 2 years, we have been conducting a pilot program to identify what was needed, and how that fits […]

BGS Session 6 – Custom Calculations

The ability to add calculations to your viz is key to using Tableau to present insights and tell the story the way you want to.      See the video : link to Basic Calcs   In this section, we will look at the language of Tableau, the syntax, and how to write some basic calculations.  In […]

BGS Session 7 – Special Calculations – Date Functions

Dates are a very special class of Dimension – I mean real dates – not a string (text) that looks like a date or is coded to represent the date.  Dates self-sequence, and sort have a built-in calendar hierarchy and can be used as discrete or continuous  but most importantly, they can be used in […]

BGS Session 8 – Special Calculations – LODs

Session 8 – Custom Calculations Special Topic LOD Expressions Level of Detail (LOD) expressions are unique to Tableau.  Earlier we talked about the grain (the lowest level of data in the dataset.  LODs are a way to put additional layers at higher levels of aggregation in the data. See the video – Link to LOD Video […]

BGS Session 13 Bringing it all together

  Now all that is left is bringing it all together with a dashboard.  You know have almost all the elements you need to make a compelling presentation on a dashboard – After all they are just a collection of worksheets with some connections and instructions for the users.   Where to begin?  With a […]